Wellbeing at Work

Are you seeing increased stress and anxiety amongst your staff? Are you wondering how to reconnect a fragmented team? Have you noticed that productivity and morale have dropped

Do you want this to continue (and get worse), or are you ready to take some simple steps to:

  • boost productivity
  • reduce costly presenteeism and sickness absence
  • and simultaneously improve your employee health and wellbeing? 

Pie chart showing the business costs of mental ill health in 2019Mental Health is already the leading cause of sickness absence according to mentalhealth.org.uk. This includes everything from anxiety to bipolar disorder, and in particular stress-related illness, which is increasing year on year. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in 2018/2019 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 44% of all work-related ill health cases and over half (54%) of all working days lost due to ill health.

2019 figures show mental ill-health was responsible for 72 million lost working days per annum.  This is estimated to cost businesses at least £35 billion a year, with some estimates as high as £99 billion. You might be surprised to know that reduced productivity at work (known as 'presenteeism') is twice as costly as absence - with costs of £10.6 billion in absence and £21.2 billion in reduced productivity. 

And this was before Covid19 turned everyone's lives upside down. 

Testimonial: "A fabulous experience. Left the session feeling liberated and relaxed, with clarity of mind I hadn't felt in a long time. Highly recommend if you need a brain detox and need to disconnect for a few hours." - Jemma, Hook. 

Are you ready for an evidence-based, transformative practice that: 

  • builds trust and strengthens relationships
  • fosters gratitude and resilience 
  • is scientifically proven to improve mental and physical health
  • enhances mental clarity and creativity
  • encourages pro-environmental behaviours and gets people outside
  • is also a lot of FUN

Forest Bathing delivers all of this by helping you bond with the outdoors for health-boosting purposes.

Testimonial - "Being able to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy the calm, the smell and freshness of the woods was a fantastic healing process. It really has worked magic on me; I found the space to work through some 'stuff' and now I'm seeing things much more clearly!" - Nicla, Reading. 

The practice is sometimes known as Forest Bathing, but I promise no swimming is required :) It’s new in the UK but based on the popular health and wellbeing activity known as Shinrin-Yoku, which was first prescribed by the Japanese NHS over 40 years ago to combat stress in the workplace.

I describe it as outdoor, sensory-based, intentional mindfulness. Read more about Forest Therapy here. Sessions for up to 15 participants are 2-3 hours long and go ahead in most weather. Prices start from £600. 

  • Option 1 - a standalone team building/reconnection event
  • Option 2 - quarterly experiences (for better results) 
  • Option 3 - monthly experiences (for best results)

Prefer something a little more analytical? You need option 4.

I've teamed up with (pun intended!) Sarah Bourne from Shades of You Coaching to offer a 6-month Team Development Programme.

The programme includes: 

  • Exploration of personal & team communication and behavioural preferences using Insights Discovery profiles
  • Monthly activities to maximise continuous development
  • Monthly or quarterly Forest Bathing experiences 
Testimonial - "It is such a treat to be able to switch off my brain which is usually running at 100mph. Amazingly I didn't feel tired after such a deeply relaxing experience, instead, I felt like I had pressed a reset button. Incredibly rejuvenating!. The feelings of positivity and calm stayed with me for a couple of weeks." - Moira, Lightwater. 

With all options, the benefits from Forest Bathing are proven to days and sometimes weeks and with a 3 hour monthly Forest Therapy session, expected results include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced presenteeism (reduced productivity at work)
  • Fewer days lost to sickness
  • Increased ability to feel trust, empathy and kindness towards others 
  • Better communication
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Improved staff morale 

I am insured, first aid qualified, enhanced DBS checked and have permission to work in various locations across Hamshire and West Berkshire including Winchester, Basingstoke, Newbury and Southampton. 

Please contact me with any enquiries regarding wellbeing at work bookings.

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