Forest Therapy For Families

Family sessions are designed to encourage bonding between you and your child through a series of meaningful, collaborative mindfulness exercises. You will also develop & deepen your connection to nature and reduce anxiety, stress and depression. The practice also helps with focus and concentration, self compassion and 'mind over mood'

Testimonial - "You might be tempted to think you can do this by yourself. Don’t be! Remember how as a child you never wanted to agree with your parents after a certain age (for me it was about 6)? Far more valuable and productive to have an utterly inspiring 'other' who'll be viewed in a different light other than 'just' Mum and Dad!" - Liz, Newbury. 

Suggested age is 10+ because the session is designed to be slow and peaceful; you are often very quiet and still and there's a 15/20 minute guided group meditation at the start. Historical statistics show a dip in feelings of nature connection in teenage children so that age range would particularly benefit from the mindfulness for kids activities. 

Group reflection after each activity offers the chance for each participant to share something of their personal experience. If children do not feel comfortable doing this there is no pressure to join in and the adult can speak for the pair. Adult and child do not need to be members of the same family. 

Allow 2 hours for family Forest Therapy.

1:1 sessions are available on request. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this. 

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