Forest Therapy For Adults

Standard 3-hour adult Forest Therapy session

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  • Various locations across Hampshire & Berkshire
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You know how during lockdown your daily walk in nature became the highlight of the day? And how peaceful you felt afterwards? Well, now that things are getting busy again I can help you get that feeling back. You will be guided through a series of exercises to slow the body and mind down and engage the senses, which can lead to a deeper connection to nature and understanding of yourself.  Find out more about forest therapy.

Recently Lindsey was so moved after her session she blogged about it. She said, "Giving myself the gift of 3 hours to fully immerse myself in this experience has led to a sense of inner calm that has lasted after the end of the experience. I connected with both myself and nature in a profound way. It really is a special, unique and transformative experience that I would encourage everyone to experience for themselves!". 

Read more about Lindsey's first experience

Testimonial - "Mindful, thoughtful time connecting with nature. Really well done with guided awakening of the senses, connection to the trees and rhythms of the forest, interspersed with time for self reflection and space to breathe and press life’s pause button." - Lenny, Petersfield. 

61% of people referred for psychological therapy in 2018/2019 received little (just one session) or no therapy sessions at all - that's over 900,000 that asked for help, but didn't get any. I can teach you how to bond with nature in a completely new way so that you can improve your own mental and physical health. 

One-to-one Forest Walk and Talk

If you're struggling and want to talk, I am available for confidential one-to-one counselling where I hold a safe space for you to share your worries or concerns. I won't offer you solutions but I will give you the time and space to speak and be heard. Time amongst trees and connecting to nature are both proven to lower stress and anxiety, and heighten your sense of calm; aren't these the perfect conditions for talking about 'the difficult stuff'? Contact me or book here

Testimonial - "It was truly a magical experience and one that has given me a stronger sense of peace with myself. The guided auditory meditations provided symptom relief that I hadn’t felt in over a year!." - Michelle, Winchester. 

In winter I run some 2-hour sessions

Everyone is busy and while 3 hours is the optimum time for the full immersive experience, 2 hours are enough to get all the benefits of a Forest Therapy session. If you are short on time and can’t spare 3 hours, or perhaps 3 hours is too long during the winter, come along to one of my top-up sessions

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