Hampshire Living report on Bathing in Nature with Adore Your Outdoors


During lockdown, Hampshire Living asked me to contribute to a feature on how nature can help us with our mental health.


I shared my thoughts on how the well established practice of Forest Therapy (mindfulness in nature) can help us all, if only we slow down enough to actually notice. One of the causes of stress in society is our pace of life; and even when we’re out in nature we are usually walking at speed, looking down to make sure we don’t trip or step in something undesirable! Forest Bathing is all about slowing down, breathing deeply, relaxing to quieten the internal thoughts and connecting with nature, your fellow participants and yourself. Once immersed, you’ll find peace of mind, more able to handle life’s ups and downs and definitely refreshed and restored.

I always say, “by (re)discovering nature, you discover yourself”.

The article was published in August. I know it’s not that easy to read as the text is a little blurry, but it should be ok (now, where are your glasses?!). I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a short film showing a mindfulness in nature experience with Adore Your Outdoors:



Any questions? Please get in touch sonya@adoreyouroutdoors.co.uk


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