Terms & Conditions

Prices are correct as listed on the website, but because the payment gateways Paypal and Stripe charge a fee, this is passed on to the customer at time of booking.
Prices for private events such birthday parties will reflect the specifics of the agreement signed by both parties.
Prices for employee wellbeing programmes will reflect the specifics of the contract of work agreed with both parties.
If concessions are available for NHS workers and teachers, I reserve the right to apply or reject any claim.
Gift vouchers must be used within a year of purchase.
Offer codes run for certain validity periods and cannot be used outside of those periods.
If a payment schedule is agreed, it must be adhered to. The agreement will include details of late payments.
Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice.
If I need to change the location of a walk due to forestry operations communicated by land owners/managers at short notice, a participant will be able to attend at the replacement venue or at another event. Unfortunately since this was outside of my control there will not be a refund available.

Customer Responsibility
It is the customer’s responsibility to use their own judgement about attending a booked session if feeling poorly, to declare any medical conditions and bring their meds.
They will also bring suitable, adequate clothing, this includes extra layers and waterproofs.
Participants will respect the forest by not leaving any trace of their visit and doing no harm to anything on any forest therapy walk.

My Responsibility
Adore Your Outdoors is insured and has public liability insurance of £5million.
I am first aid qualified – paediatric first aid, forest school first aid and mental health first aid. 
I conduct risk assessments at all sites and do a pre-walk routine on the morning of the walk to check the route is safe.
I always obtain permission to use any land that we work on and from time to time due to scheduled operations I might need to change the route or destination of a planned walk.

Complaints procedure
If you are unhappy with the service received from Adore Your Outdoors, please email details of the situation to adoreyouroutdoors.co.uk where it will be properly investigated.

Cancellations & refunds

COVID: I will run sessions in line with government advice. If I cannot run group events that you have booked you will be able to carry forward your booking to another date. If you are a member of the Nature Connection Club and I cannot run in-person group events, you can attend 2 zooms instead of 1 in-person session. 

Events will go ahead in most weathers. If the weather is forecast to be particularly bad (high winds, persistent rain or thunder/lightening), I have to postpone the session for health and safety reasons. If the weather turns unexpectedly bad during a session, the walk might be shorter than initially planned and unfortunately no refunds are possible. If you are a member of the Nature Connection Club, your monthly session remain yours ‘in the bank’ forever, but I recommend at least 1 session a month to get the most benefit from your membership.  
Usually sessions need 4 people booked on to go ahead. If there are fewer than 4, I might rearrange the session and will do this with agreement from all participants where I can.
I reserve the right to cancel a session if there are only males booked on, for personal safety reasons.
If I cancel the session for any reason, you can rebook or receive a full refund.
If you cancel 8 days or more before an event, you can rebook or receive a full refund.
If you cancel 3-7 inclusive days before an event, you can rebook or receive 50% refund.
If you cancel 0-2 inclusive days before an event, you can rebook but no refund is available. 

Adore Your Outdoors cannot be held accountable for achievement of the health benefits as listed on the website.