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Protecting our Planet One Step at a Time

Guest Blog by Tara Day, Norwex UK. Are you heartbroken by all the recent scenes of beautiful landscapes and beaches being devastated by rubbish left behind? Do you love the natural world we have been blessed with and want to help protect it? OK so I know cleaning isn’t always our favourite chore, who loves […]


WHAT DOES BIOPHILIC DESIGN HAVE IN COMMON WITH FOREST THERAPY? Learn what biophilic design is, and how bringing aspects of the outdoors into our homes is beneficial.

Allow me to introduce myself…

Sonya Dibbin

I’m Sonya and before we get into all things forest bathing, I thought perhaps you’d like to get to know a bit more about me, who I am, where I’m from, what I like, how and why I started Adore Your Outdoors. Read on… Where I’ve lived I was born in Farnborough and have lived […]

Hello and welcome to Adore Your Outdoors

Sonya Dibbin

This is my first ever blog post! Some years ago a psychic told me I would write professionally and the name Wood was going to be significant…..little did I know they were seeing me blogging about becoming a Forest Therapy guide! I’m Sonya, I’m a certified forest therapy guide and I run Adore Your Outdoors and […]