How do you Train in Forest Bathing?

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Interested in becoming a Forest Bathing Guide, but not sure what you need to qualify and train in Forest Bathing? Let me give you an insight.

Training to be a Forest Bathing guide is broken down into four parts when you work with me. This includes:

  • Stage 1 – Home study
  • Stage 2 – Online Group Meetings
  • Stage 3 – A week in the Forest
  • Stage 4 – Coursework, Assessment and Ongoing Support

In this blog, I will explore each element, what it entails and why it is important. Be assured that with each stage, I set you up for success. Furthermore, over this time you will build an incredible camaraderie with your fellow Forest Bathing trainees.

Train in Forest Bathing – 4 Steps

Stage 1 – Home Study

The first stage of your Forest Bathing Guide Training starts with giving you a strong foundation in the history, essence, evidence, benefits and more Forest Bathing practices.

The extensive manual included as part of the induction to the Forest Bathing training is there to offer knowledge and also act as a support manual for your progress through the ‘Train to be a Forest Bathing Guide’ programme.

For you to read and study in your own time, the manual covers Nature Connection and Forest Bathing with insights into:

  • Principles
  • Ethics
  • Science and health benefit evidence
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Invitations and other activity guides

Stage 2 – Online Group Meetings

You will receive the training manual before our initial online group meeting. This is a live video call with me and your fellow Forest Bathing Guide trainees.

I will take you through the content of the training manual to ensure your understanding of the theory. Importantly, you have the opportunity to ask questions and explore the concepts, principles, science and impact of Forest Bathing together.

Our online training days offer a safe space to get to know your fellow Forest Bathing Guide trainees too.

We will discuss themes such as:

  • intrinsic worth
  • ancestral ways
  • animism
  • reciprocity
  • embodied response

You will also be introduced to the Forest Bathing model, process and invitations and furthermore, you will experience your first sacred circle.

I also guide you through the practical elements of running of your own Forest Bathing workshops and working as a small business owner. We cover everything from practical organisation, safety elements right through to business planning.

The sessions also include plenty of opportunities for whole group discussion, scenario troubleshooting and practical exercises too.

Stage 3 – A Week in the Woods

Without a doubt, being together in nature is the most valuable part of training to be a Forest Bathing Guide.

I am committed to supporting you to get off to the best start when you train in Forest Bathing and Nature Connection with Adore Your Outdoors. Therefore, I feel it is so important to dedicate a significant amount of time with you to ensure you feel confident and finish our programme feeling like a ‘Forest Bathing expert’.

I invite all of my trainees to commit their time, energy and focus to a ‘week in the woods’. Here is where you hone the practical skills of your newly gained knowledge (from the manual and online sessions) in a real-world setting.

Over the week, you will learn:

  • How to facilitate a full-length Forest Bathing experience
  • How to use over 50 invitations in your own sessions
  • How to create a safe and nurturing environment
  • How to ensure an inclusive and welcoming space
  • How to lead exercises that truly add value to your participants
  • How to run a sacred circle that touches their souls.

Working together with other trainees in your group (who will come to be an amazing support network), you will receive valuable feedback from peers throughout. We deliver an experience for paying customers together on day 4 and by the final day, you will feel confident when asked to co-create and deliver a full session with your peers.

There are shorter courses and ‘quick ways’ to train in Forest Bathing, but through this face-to-face, real-life learning, I witness so much progress and deep connection. For me, it is a critical part of the training, but above all, it leaves you feeling more confident and ready to move forward.

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Stage 4 – Coursework

I ask for coursework in stages throughout your training, but please do not let this word put you off! Please don’t worry about these if you don’t enjoy academic-style work or assignments, much of the work can be submitted as drawings, photographs or recorded spoken word.

Importantly, they are to encourage your ongoing exploration and deeper connection with nature – not to test you or catch you out!

The assignments are activities that help to integrate and embed what we learn together, especially what you will need to guide others. They are there to support learning only.

The coursework includes a variety of tasks, including:

  • sit spot diaries
  • walk preparation, delivery and write-up
  • delivery of specific invitations – done as an audio or video recording.

The coursework helps you to reflect on your experiences and refine your abilities over an extended period of time. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to see how you are progressing. Additionally, there is a short open-book exam at the end. Ongoing support is provided through the monthly Sacred Circle calls, a wonderful opportunity for our community of guides to reconnect for one hour each month.

Ready to Train in Forest Bathing?

If you’re excited by the different elements of the Forest Bathing Guide Training and want to get started, then check out my upcoming course dates here. We have three training opportunities across 2024.

If you have any questions about the workload, commitment or stages involved with how I train in Forest Bathing, then do not hesitate to contact me – email: today.

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