Why Become a Forest Bathing Instructor?

A group Forest Bathing experience in Hampshire

“Why Become a Forest Bathing Instructor?” …Erm, “Why Not??!!”

I think it’s the best job in the world. I could talk for hours about why you should become a Forest Bathing instructor; the experiences you will have and the sense of achievement you feel, especially if this is your chosen career path.

However, as you no doubt don’t have hours spare to read this blog, I’ve chosen 5 of the most valuable benefits and experiences I believe becoming a Forest Bathing instructor offers to you.

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5 Benefits of Becoming a Forest Bathing Instructor or Guide

Benefit 1 – A New Nature-Based Experience Every Time

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, my guess would be you have experienced a Forest Bathing session. At the very least, you probably love to hug a tree or two…and hang out in nature most of the time!

If we are on the same page, then let me get you super excited about the opportunities becoming a Forest Bathing instructor gives to you, allowing you to make an even deeper connection to nature.

Firstly, becoming an instructor means you are committed to running a Forest Bathing session on a regular basis. You are there to guide your attendees and ensure they make that nature connection – but, in return, you get to see nature through their eyes and experiences, which serves to heighten your connection further.

Your regular practice is guaranteed through running sessions, so you get to see and experience more of nature – through all of seasons and potentially in a number of locations, depending on where you guide.

It’s the best job in the world because the ‘payment’ from nature is always so fulfilling and always a little different each time.

Benefit 2 – The Numerous Opportunities To Help Others

An empath, a care giver, a therapist– these are often how Forest Bathing instructors describe themselves and each other. To help others is such an honour. To make a difference to someone’s life is an incredible feeling.

You are no doubt aware of the benefits of Forest Bathing generally …the bonus is that as a Forest Bathing instructor you have the opportunity to share all of these benefits with others.

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You get to see the stress release which is both a privilege and joy to witness, get to hear about the different you have made…sometimes long after the session. You get to experience the difference in the tension and atmosphere from the beginning of the session in contrast with when everyone departs.

Research has shown that building a relationship with the natural world and hanging around with trees can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and depression, boost the immune system, and improve overall mental wellbeing. By becoming a Forest Bathing instructor, you get to facilitate making these benefits more readily available for others. It’s an incredible opportunity.

Photo by Aurelien Lemasson Theobald on Unsplash

Benefit 3 – A Deeper Connection with Nature and Yourself

Becoming a Forest Bathing instructor is about you too …not just the others you will have an incredible impact upon.

Once you have qualified as a Forest Bathing instructor, this is just the beginning. It is an ongoing journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Through regular practice and continued development, being an instructor allows you to:

  • deepen your mindfulness practice
  • cultivate inner peace
  • unlock your intuitive connection with nature

As you guide others, you learn more about yourself.

We never have to worry too much about ‘continuous personal development (CPD) courses in Forest Bathing either! The forest becomes your teacher. You will see and hear more. You receive the wisdom offered through the rustling of leaves, the patterns in the bark, and the songs of birds. You’ll learn to listen with your whole being, attuning yourself to the rhythms and messages of the natural world.

There is always something new to learn.

Forest Bathing Guide training near me Hampshire

Benefit 4 – Access a Very Special Community

The Forest Bathing community is incredibly supportive. When you train with Adore Your Outdoors, your cohort becomes an instant source of support and guidance…in addition to myself, fellow experienced Forest Bathing instructors and guides. We are all each others mentors and supporters.

Becoming a Forest Bathing instructor means entering a community of like-minded and like-hearted individuals. We all share a passion for nature…obviously! But, importantly, we also are passionate about wellbeing – for ourselves and for others. We support and guide each other on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery.

Let’s be honest, there are not many “teams” that are a full of people like Forest Bathing instructors in many workplaces across the country.

Come an explore Forest Therapy guide training with me and let me tell you more about the community of people I now have surrounding me.

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Forest Bathing Guide Training in the woods in Hampshire

Benefit 5 – Flexible Working That is Always Different

Finally, being a Forest Bathing instructor is an opportunity to work flexibly. You can choose when, where and how often you run your sessions. Close to home, only once a week, in school hours only or for certain months of the year. You choose. It becomes your business to shape and nurture as you choose. You can run 1:1, in person, online, corporate, charity events…which ever sphere suits you.

Importantly, this flexibility allows you to nurture your own wellbeing to fit with your own lifestyle and priorities  – which in turn makes you a better instructor – showing up fresh and ready to guide your participants each time.

In addition, every session you run will be different. The woods where you run your Forest Bathing will change with the seasons and the weather. The cohort of people who come along will bring their own personalities and characteristics, as well share their unique experiences throughout and following your Forest Bathing session.

This is the magic of the job of a Forest Bathing instructor.

Tell Me More About Training To Be a Forest Bathing Instructor

Nature Connection Guide training HampshireIf these benefits whet your appetite (and I promise there are more), then please do get in touch about my Forest Bathing Guide Training. Learn more about the variations (in-person, hybrid, online, group or 1-1) in the training programme and download the prospectus or book a free workshop here.

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Best wishes.

Sonya 🌳

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