Liz’s poem about her Shinrin-Yoku experience with Adore Your Outdoors!

Tree trunk covered in rich, damp moss with Adore Your Outdoors logo

Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) with Sonya

🌿The mind? It may well fight –
its churning turning into ‘what a waste
just standing on this spot for ages
I’d be better writing pages’ –
but forest bathing’s gentle stages
start and end with slow
and take you where you never thought to go…

🌿The heart? It now delights
with softness opening into ‘I recall this taste’
I’m feeling rooted well
aliveness hones my sense of smell
time gives up its doleful knell
I’m part of nature’s natural flow
as gentle as a passing doe 

🌿The body? Free of tight with worry 
steps into barefoot, barefaced 
sensing we’re on hallowed ground
the mind falls silent, 
listening to nature’s sound 
I leave and find that I’m still clothed
in all the peace I’ve found.

© Liz Darcy Jones

To think that I inspired a lady who I admire very much, to create this beautiful poem, well, it gives me the boost I need to carry on, keep focused, keep on going, even though it is so, so hard at the moment with the Covid uncertainty.

What I do helps people. It is why I do it. I will keep going. And I will succeed! 

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