How your Online Wellbeing Programme can Boost Staff Health and Happiness


Why you need an online wellbeing programme

Evidence shows that employees who are healthy, resilient, and relaxed have greater job satisfaction, fewer sick days and consequently are more productive. With remote and hybrid working here to stay, an online wellbeing programme will help staff thrive both personally and professionally.

We understand the vast number of wellbeing offerings out there is mind-boggling. There’s absolutely still a place for gym memberships and cheap cinema tickets, but the Thursday night after-work booze-ups are old hat now. How do you build togetherness in remote teams? We believe a practice called Nature Connection achieves this and more, and so it is at the heart of everything we do. Our expertly guided, nature-based online experiences benefit:

  • individual participants
  • our beautiful planet and
  • organisational productivity through greater collaboration, strengthened relationships, increased focus and enhanced creativity.
Online wellbeing programme to strengthen relationships
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What is Nature Connection?

We all know that being in nature is good for us, but developing a connection to nature offers transformative, long-lasting benefits for both humans and the planet.

The first step in connecting to nature is to slow down enough to notice it. This means going beyond the passive, largely unconscious, receipt of sensory information and intentionally and fully focusing attention on the natural world. You are connected to nature (and remember – we are all nature, humans are not separate from it) when you feel a kinship with the natural world. We have therefore designed all our experiences to develop and deepen this relationship. Read more about Nature Connection.

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What are the benefits of your online wellbeing programme?

Before Covid, and even right the way until lockdown 2, I simply could not get my head around offering nature connection practices online. I regret my dogmatism now because I missed a golden opportunity to introduce the experiences and help so many people who really, really needed it.

Anyhoo, as one does, I eventually caught up with ‘the new normal’ and ran a virtual forest bathing event for a small group of existing customers who each joined from their local woods. I was blown away by its success, with all enjoying it, and some actually preferring the virtual experience. Note: forest bathing doesn’t involve swimming – think nature immersion with trees – read more here.

They preferred it because they didn’t need to put on any airs and graces for others. Participants could relax without fear of judgement and as a consequence, they had a more beneficial experience. They liked being able to follow their instincts and not be distracted by what others were doing, safe in the knowledge they were all connected on the zoom call.

Always chasing new learning opportunities (interior design, flower arranging and photography to name a few recent personal forays) after that I realised online was here to stay and launched nature nerding, mindful photography, the nature connection course and more recently, I completed my EcoNIDRA™ teacher training.

What nature-based wellbeing experiences do you offer?

These are the online experiences we would love to facilitate for you and your team:

  1. EcoNIDRA™
  2. Nature Nerding
  3. Forest Bathing
  4. Mindful Photography
  5. Nature Connection Course

There’s something for everyone. Read more about each one below and do get in touch if you’d like to book in or ask a question.

Needed for all

Zoom, a charged device, appropriate clothing if outside or blankets and pillow if inside. For photography: mobile camera and inner tube of a loo roll. Nice to have: ear pods.

Woman enjoying EcoNIDRA meditation
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What is EcoNIDRA™?

EcoNIDRA™ – the art of transformational relaxation is a healing meditation technique with its roots in Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). This triple-journey experience through the senses, the body and the earth takes you gently to your subconscious mind so you can connect with your innermost nature, perhaps uncovering hidden wishes and dreams. In addition to the 61-point rotation of consciousness through the body, you’ll also voyage through nature soundscapes, partner with a nature-friend, set an intention and encourage kindness. Learn more about EcoNIDRA™.

👉🏼Why choose EcoNIDRA™?

It’s the ideal choice for you if your team members are especially time-poor, in need of deep rest and prefer indoor meditation. This experience is just 50-55 minutes and participants can turn their cameras off to enhance relaxation during this transformational nature journey.

Corporate online wellbeing programme
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What is Nature Nerding?

Connect to your roots and find your inner peace as you take inspiration from the natural world in this 60-minute, interactive, online experience. Join from the comfort of your own garden, or any local outdoor space in which you feel safe. You might find yourself taking mindful photos on a seasonal scavenger hunt, creating land art using natural materials, befriending a plant or lying under the sky cloud watching. Prepare to see your garden with new eyes! Find out more about Nature Nerding.

👉🏼Why choose Nature Nerding?

If your home-working team members are usually on screens and would benefit from some time in the fresh air, this is a perfect choice. It works superbly with participants from different countries with shared daylight hours as it provides insight into the rarely-seen gardens of colleagues.

Online nature connection as part of a corporate wellbeing programme
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What is online Forest Bathing?

The gentle and fun activities in this mindful experience make it easy for the group to reconnect with childhood freedom and fully embrace the wonder of the natural world. It connects participants through nature-based activities and the opportunity for shared reflections whilst also offering some quiet time for solo contemplation. Read more here.

👉🏼Why choose online Forest Bathing?

This 60 min event is great for those who can easily get to quiet, nearby woodland or parks with trees. The relaxing yet energising experience offers the chance for participants to get to know each other on a deeper and more valuable level.

What is Mindful Photography?

Over the course of this 60-minute class, you’ll be introduced to techniques to manage your resilience with the help of your camera. Favourite activities include ‘red and round’, shadow play and exploring water. A selection of nature-inspired photography challenges are sure to get the creative juices flowing. You could even share photos afterwards and perhaps award a prize for the best photo. A word of warning – you’ll find beauty all around after the course and will need to allow extra time to complete walks! Read more here.

👉🏼Why choose Mindful Photography?

This event is the ideal choice for you if your team members would prefer a more practical experience. It’s also great for those who would benefit from an escape from reality and some blue sky thinking to boost creativity.

What is the Nature Connection Course? 

Participants on this course will discover easy-to-learn, hard-to-forget wellbeing techniques for long-lasting joy, gratitude and resilience.

  • Learn forest bathing and mindful photography techniques
  • Try your hand at simple and safe foraging
  • Lose yourself in nature-inspired meditations
  • Reflect with nature-inspired journalling prompts
  • 40 activities within 6 modules
  • Video tutorials, audio guides and written content in your beautiful course workbook.

👉🏼Why choose the Nature Connection Course?

This self-paced course can be completed at your own convenience and is the ideal follow-up to any of our live experiences. The course is packed full of value with 40 different activities and a beautiful workbook to complete – and you have lifelong access. A real value-add takeaway to extend the benefits of your corporate wellbeing programme.

Man enjoying meditation
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Why Nature Connection works so well in an employee wellbeing programme

Yes, you might already use a mindfulness app such as Insight Timer (I do too), but don’t underestimate the impact of group connection. Social connection leads to a feeling of community and a sense of belonging which is known to be critical for our wellbeing. And as each participant heals and grows individually, they contribute to a magnified experience for all. You’ll also be accountable to attend, by having our expert wellbeing programme guides lead the experience.

A deeper connection to nature is proven to give us a sense of purpose in life, feel a part of ‘something bigger’ and help keep perspective on life’s ups and downs. In addition, the more connected we are, the more pro-nature and pro-environment our behaviours become. This is serious, as we are running out of time to restore the health of our planet.

Book your experiences to increase resilience and boost productivity now

Give your team the gift of nature connection this year…and see the resulting improvements in motivation and engagement. We are ready to help you support your employees.

Good news – there is a HALF PRICE special offer running for new customers in 2022. Four sessions with unlimited participants for £500 (the usual investment is £250 per experience). And with this offer, you can also purchase the 6 module, 40 activity, self-paced nature connection course with booklet at just £50pp.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting your experiences booked in.

Oh, and if you’re near Hampshire I also run in-person team events – please get in touch to discuss.

Bye for now,


Sonya Dibbin

Adore Your Outdoors


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