Introducing Forest Therapy to The Bald Explorer

The Bald Explorer and Sonya Dibbin discuss Forest Bathing

Earlier this week I met up with YouTuber vlogger Richard Vobes, aka The Bald Explorer, to speak to him about all things Forest Therapy (also called Forest Bathing). He thought the practice might involve stripping off and thrashing yourself with sticks – that’s the most random interpretation I’ve heard yet!

We had a fun day in the woods and I have to say, it was 33 degrees so we were very glad of the shade.

Have a listen to find out:

  • how the practice can help you both physically and mentally
  • where it comes from
  • what’s involved on a typical session. Fortunately, there is no need to strip, swim in the woods or whack yourself with a stick 🙂



If you’d like to book on or find out more, visit or contact me on



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