Richard introduces himself… to his tree!


While I was with Richard Vobes, aka The Bald Explorer the other day, I wanted to show him the sort of thing that happens on a Forest Bathing experience; mainly how it differs from your average walk in the woods, I guess.

It was just the two of us so we couldn’t do the group activities so I went in at the deep end and walked him through a little taster of ‘Breath of Life’ and ‘Meet with a Tree’, both invitations that are usually done in the final hour of the session once you’ve really engaged your childlike sense of fun and curiosity.

He did well though and didn’t laugh when I asked him to use his heart sense (gut instinct) to choose a tree to spend some time with, and then to introduce himself to it.

I reckon him and Julia need to get themselves on a real experience with me – and I’ve told them so as well.


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