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Guest Blog by Tara Day, Norwex UK.

Are you heartbroken by all the recent scenes of beautiful landscapes and beaches being devastated by rubbish left behind?

Do you love the natural world we have been blessed with and want to help protect it?

OK so I know cleaning isn’t always our favourite chore, who loves it and who hates it? I am definitely in the hate it category or was until I discovered Norwex! Who has been cleaning more during lockdown? Who would love to make it safer and easier?

What can you do?

Have you considered reducing harmful chemicals in your home? 

I would love to introduce you to safer alternatives both for your home and body.

Let me introduce myself, I am Tara Day an Independent Consultant for Norwex UK and Ireland

Norwex is a company with a heart and a mission to Improve Quality of Life by Radically Reducing Chemicals in your Homes.


We offer solutions for all your issues throughout your home that may otherwise have you reaching for the chemical sprays.

If I told you it’s possible to clean your whole home with just 2 cloths and water would you like to know more?

We also help you reduce the single use plastic as you won’t need hundreds of bottles of sprays or wet wipes of various kinds.


I am going to explain a little more about my top 5 products to you to show you how simple it is to reduce those harmful chemicals.

  • EnviroCloth – High quality microfibre 1/200th of a human hair fine created to remove up to 99% of bacteria from your surfaces with just water. The cloth does the work so you don’t need the chemical, you are mechanically cleaning not chemically cleaning.
  • Window cloth – This works hand in hand with the EnviroCloth drying and polishing all your shiny surfaces for a streak free shine.
  • Mop system –  Every home with hard floors needs a Norwex mop! No bucket, no mess, no stress. It comes with a dry mop pad to act as your broom and wet mop pad again just using water so no chemical residue is left on your floors where children and pets play. It makes a quick, efficient job of keeping your floors clean but is so versatile it can also do tiles, walls, ceilings and more!
  • Body cloth – replace your dingy flannels with our body cloths, the ultimate cleansing cloth. No soap required, just water, they are gentle on your skin yet tough on bacteria and dirt.
  • Ultra Power Plus Laundry detergent – Dissolve grease and grime with this highly concentrated, filler free stain fighting powder. It even cleans your washing machine and is safe on sensitive skins as it doesn’t contain any nasties. It will care for your cloths and help them last longer too.


Our microfibre cloths also contain our patented Baclock antibacterial micro-silver. This self purifies the cloth within 24 hours preventing the build-up of bacteria allowing you to use the cloth again and again before washing.

I have been using these amazing products for 4 years now and absolutely love how simple and safe it is to clean my home and care for my body. Norwex has saved me time, money and effort over the years and I would never choose to go back to using harmful chemicals.


Interested to know more?

Please visit my website to see more about the company, its mission and the whole product range 

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I look forward to hearing from you x

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